Artificial intelligence has great potential to help address today’s energy challenges.

Given Alberta’s world-class know-how in energy and the emerging field of artificial intelligence, the EFL, with the support of the Royal Bank of Canada, and our other funding partners, has launched an initiative to explore the following question:

How can artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerate Alberta’s transition to the energy system the future requires?

To begin to answer this question we are hosting a workshop in Calgary on September 25, 2018 for those interested in learning and exploring how to harness the potential of AI to address some of the big challenges related to energy, climate, and environment in Alberta.

Promising areas include harnessing AI to realize:

Increased productivity and
process improvements

Smart cities and homes

Distributed smart grids

The workshop will provide insights and experiences from seasoned AI innovators and practitioners, as well as a space for dialogue and experimentation. Following the workshop, a report summarizing the key insights and ideas will be produced.

For more information or to get involved, please contact Pong Leung at



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