Artificial intelligence has great potential to help address today’s energy challenges.

Given Alberta’s world-class know-how in energy and the emerging field of artificial intelligence, the Energy Futures Lab is hosting an accelerator to explore the following question:

How can artificial intelligence enable Alberta to thrive

in a competitive, low-carbon world?

This Accelerator is a follow up event from last fall’s Energy.AI workshop. Learn more about the outcomes here.

EFL Accelerators are not your typical conference. Participants are not expected to sit passively while people talk at them, rather participants are invited with the expectation to “roll up their sleeves” contribute to the development of ideas and initiatives.

The Energy.AI2 Accelerator will focus on advancing a small set of innovative initiatives that relate to AI applications, addressing some of the big challenges related to energy, climate, and environment in Alberta. This interactive and dynamic accelerator will provide insights and experiences from seasoned AI innovators and practitioners, as well as a space to explore solutions. More information on the agenda and each of the initiatives will be available soon along with a short downloadable “brief” for each.


As this is an invitation-only workshop, if you are interested in receiving an invitation, please contact Kelley Thompson at

Date & Location

Tuesday, June 19, 2019, 8:30am to 4:30pm
Calgary, Alberta

About EFL Accelerators

EFL Accelerators are a new form of engagement for the EFL as it moves into the next phase of its work. EFL Accelerators will bring together a select group of innovators from government, industry, civil society, and academia to work together on unique opportunities, including initiatives from the EFL portfolio and beyond, that can address challenges and prepare Alberta to thrive in the future.

EFL Accelerators include:

  • Insights from leading-edge and future-oriented thinkers and practitioners
  • Whole system solutions to systemic challenges
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration and focus on real-world actions and initiatives


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