Executive Director, Corporate Policy and Planning

In his current role, Alex is responsible for leading the Ministry’s approach to supporting Climate Leadership, he also leads the Ministry’s work on municipal-indigenous relationships. Prior to his current role, Alex was the Director of Electricity and Sustainable Energy Analytics. His role was to improve the shared understanding of systemic issues in the energy, environment and resource management arena using various quantitative, qualitative and visual exploration tools. Alex is a passionate soccer fan; married with three lovely children; and educated in engineering, project management, business administration and systemic operational design. Born and raised in Nigeria, Alex has a passion for influencing positive change in energy, environment and land management globally.

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Much has been said about balancing social, economic and environmental imperatives, but the dialogue thus far has seen many people entrenched in one of those three corners and the outcomes resulting from the different pulls are not necessarily positive ones for the entire system.

Alex Nnamonu

For me one key parameter (for responsible development) is something that’s citizen-centric, that’s a lot more tied to what citizens feel, need and want.

Alex Nnamonu