Consulting Advisor

Binnu’s passion lies in systemic and empathic approaches to creating transformational change towards sustainable societies and businesses. Her work has involved government, private sector and non­profit organizations in North America, Europe, and Africa. She has developed risk management strategies for power generation, organizational learning systems, and leadership development programs. She now works at the Pembina Institute on a variety of clean energy issues from life cycle assessments of innovative technologies to clean electricity incentive structures. Binnu loves to explore the lakes and mountains of the Rockies. Ever an optimist, she is attempting to grow lemon seedlings (successfully so far) in Calgary.


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On a planet of 9 billion people with the right to a good standard of living, a healthy environment, and a healthy life, an enabling energy system would be sustainable and equitable.

Binnu Jeyakumar

The energy system of the future must go beyond minimizing the negative impacts, and move to adding value to the environment and people. It will bring together government, non-governmental, and for-­profit sectors with new models of ownership and greater degrees of accountability and responsibility.

Binnu Jeyakumar