Desmond has been committed to the field of education since 2001. He began as an educational assistant for the Ermineskin Tribe, followed by working for Louis Bull Education. He completed the Aboriginal leadership, governance and management program with The Banff Centre and was elected in 2013 to Council for the Louis Bull Tribe. Desmond views renewable energy as important for employment and development opportunities, and for youth involvement in their Nation. Desmond has successfully led and fundraised to advance solar energy projects for his Nation.



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Alberta has the opportunity to create a long lasting partnership with the untapped potential of First Nation members as a workforce. This would create employment, generate tax revenue and offer training opportunities for First Nations.

Desmond Bull

As consumers we should have the right to say, “I want my energy clean, not to come out of coal energy burning systems, or a gas producing system.” We should have the right to determine how our energy is produced, for us, for our needs.

Desmond Bull