Program Manager, Climate Change

Dick Ebersohn is The City of Calgary’s Program Manager for Climate Change. The program will provide strategic oversight and direction for climate change activities in Calgary. In the past 20 years Dick studied and worked in the fields of Sustainability, Urban, and Strategic Planning in South Africa, Sweden and Canada.

He worked on housing projects, land development, transportation, energy mapping, gender equality, public engagement, local agenda 21, waste and recycling and environmental protection. In Calgary Dick played a key role in projects such as the 2020 Sustainability Plan, Plan It Calgary, imagineCALGARY and establishing recycling and composting services for multi-residential and business sectors in Calgary. Dick has Bachelors in Anthropology and Urban Geography as well as a Masters in Urban and Regional Planning


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With Dick's deep experience in municipal leadership and expertise in urban planning, he brings an invaluable perspective on building sustainable cities to the Lab.

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