Communities Consultant

Erin Welk is an urban planner and clean energy professional who is passionate about working with communities to uncover creative opportunities for reducing energy use, building resiliency and creating vibrant neighbourhoods. Erin’s expertise lies in identifying and integrating energy solutions within our built environment – through planning, development, and decision-­making at both municipal and provincial scales. She is skilled in building relationships, facilitating diverse stakeholder groups, and public consultation. After several years in energy advocacy roles related to smart growth, energy efficiency/conservation and renewables, her role at Urban Systems allows her to bring together interdisciplinary teams to help communities tackle complex challenges and implement tangible solutions.

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To be successful in the future, municipalities need to be thinking about what their built environment and what their energy use should be in 50 years, and then start developing the infrastructure that will support it.

Erin Welk

How we structure our energy system in Alberta must be a key component of the urban planning conversation and in determining how we enable vibrant communities now and in the future. Erin is part of a team that is reinvigorating Urban’s climate change strategy, and we fully support her involvement as a Fellow. ­

Leighton Ginther, Urban Designer at Urban Systems