Luciano Dalla-Longa has over 25 years of business development, strategic planning, finance and accounting, tax, and regulatory experience in both the private and public sectors.  He holds an MBA from the Haskayne School of Business, has served as the education director for the Canadian Petroleum Tax Society, and as a subcommittee member on the National Petroleum Council to the US Energy Secretary. His senior management experience spans a broad range of disciplines, including utility strategic planning, power and gas marketing, commercial and residential property development, energy industry mergers and acquisitions, LNG project development, utility cost of service and rate design, energy industry regulatory matters, power project development, and electric industry deregulation.


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There is a sense of urgency being felt by Albertans and energy system stakeholders to react. This environment provides a unique opportunity to challenge our traditional thinking that markets are enough and consider a more effective approach that is more collaborative, inclusive and deliberate.

Luciano Dalla-Longa

Alberta is at a crossroads, and without a new direction driven by the social, environmental and economic demands with a view for the next generation, it will struggle to attain the prosperity that is possible.

Luciano Dalla-Longa