What is the Energy Futures Lab?
The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is an Alberta-based, multi-interest collaboration designed to accelerate the development of a “fit for the future” energy system. The EFL brings together a cohort of influential leaders to address current and emerging energy challenges, and generate opportunities to identify, test and scale new initiatives and collaborations. It serves as a:

  • Platform for ongoing experimentation, innovation, and collaboration
  • Network to share lessons and knowledge among participating organizations and their stakeholders
  • Channel to spark a new energy future narrative that inspires dialogue and action on key issues and challenges
What is the role of the Fellowship?
Since the inception of the EFL in 2015, our Fellows’ collective work has resulted in the EFL’s Vision and Innovation Pathways. Now the Fellows are working on concrete initiatives to further the Innovation Pathways, but they can’t do it alone. The Fellows are a new group of innovators and influencers who will join the Fellows. They will deepen their understanding of diverse stakeholder perspectives and the energy system, build trust and shared knowledge and work together to refine ideas, and scale the impact of EFL initiatives that support transition towards a resilient energy system in Alberta.
Why a Fellowship?
Tackling the complexity and polarization of today’s energy challenges requires a diversity of perspectives and abilities. No single person or organization has the knowledge or capacity to create the energy system that the future requires of us. It requires a mix of perspectives, e.g. government, First Nations, industry, non-profit, community group interests, and more, and the ability to learn and experiment together on innovative practices that can act as stepping-stones towards this future.
What is the benefit in being a Fellow?
Through a series of high-calibre workshops and learning experiences built upon the latest practices in social innovation and collaboration, Fellows will receive the following benefits:

  • Develop leading-edge knowledge and skills to collaborate, lead and manage in an increasingly dynamic and complex energy environment.
  • Glean strategic intelligence and insights about the energy space from peers and system-sensing research.
  • Build a strategic and systems-level understanding of the energy field, its players and interrelationships.
  • Be part of an influential and supportive network of dynamic changemakers committed to creating positive impact and tangible outcomes.
  • Develop and enhance important relationships in an age of increased expectations for transparency and collaboration.
How much time is involved? What is the full commitment?
Expect Fellowship workshops to require approximately 4-5 days commitment over the first year. Fellows will also collaborate on lab initiatives, for which the time commitment and frequency of meetings will vary, e.g. currently some groups have a call every week or two, while others meet monthly or less frequently. There may be additional EFL events and as part of the orientation process, Fellows are required to attend a 1.5 hour webinar and a three-day EFL Leadership Bootcamp. Fellowship membership is not transferable.
How has EFL built diversity into the program?
The Energy Futures Lab Fellowship form the nucleus of the Lab, comprising 50-70 of Alberta’s innovators and influencers from industry, government, non-profit organizations, First Nations, academia and community interest groups. Fellows will be selected based on their merit as compared to the selection criteria, as well as consideration for the overall diversity of the group as a whole. The Fellowship is intended to reflect a broad diversity of actors and voices that play a vital role in the future of Alberta’s energy system.
How is the selection of Fellows made?
Applications will be reviewed by a subset of the EFL support team, with input from the Steering Committee and EFL Fellows. Selection of Fellows is based on the merit of each potential applicant as compared to the selection criteria, while ensuring that the Energy Futures Lab Fellowship as a whole reflects a broad diversity of actors and voices that play a vital role in the future of Alberta’s energy system.

What is an intrapreneur? systempreneur?
Intrapreneurs are change agents who work from inside organizations to develop entrepreneurial solutions that change the nature of their organizations. Systempreneurs mobilize resources and gather stakeholders to innovate and discover solutions to wicked system-level challenges. They drive system-level change by being connectors and master collaborators.


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