Energy Futures Lab: The Newtonian Shift is a facilitated role-playing simulation that allows players to experience decades of energy transition in one day. Participants explore future energy shifts while representing a diverse set of viewpoints: energy producer, private customer, large energy consumer, First Nations, suppliers, grid operator, investors, and government.

Through dynamic and fast-paced experiential learning, participants are immersed in the country of Newtonia, which finds itself in the middle of an energy transition – energy must be supplied, energy assets developed and grids upgraded.

This project is made possible through a grant from the Alberta Real Estate Foundation.

Want to play your part?

Come experience the energy transition in action:

Please note that to play you must be able to commit to full participation for the 5 hours of game play. Please register for our Energy Futures Lab newsletter so we can let you know when the next game will be happening near you.

Energy Futures Lab: The Newtonian Shift is a dynamic workshop experience designed to glean insights about the emerging energy transition while delivering the following:
  • Exploring the behaviors, strategic decision-making and business models required for the energy transition that is coming/underway
  • Building stakeholder empathy, via experiencing first hand the perspectives, challenges, priorities and unique needs of diverse stakeholders in different parts of the energy system
  • Sensemaking the energy system, where participants grow their full system awareness while deepening understanding of how the system works and their role within it
  • Exploring the leadership qualities required during transition, at both an organizational and personal level


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