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March 2016

Meeting in the Radical Middle: Shaping a New Energy Futures Narrative

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The Energy Futures Lab’s Strategic Communications Director, Delyse Sylvester introduces the Lab’s public engagement strategy. Most system change processes focus almost exclusively on technological innovation and large-scale policy shifts to integrate and scale the innovations. The EFL recognizes that engaged citizens co-create a receptive culture, and that this is essential to the long-term success of new innovations.

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Steve Williams: Mapping the Alberta Energy System

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The Energy Futures Lab is all about transitioning Alberta’s energy system for a sustainable future. But what do we mean by the “energy system” exactly? Are we talking about oil and gas or renewables or both? What about the electricity generation and transmission infrastructure? All of those are part of the system. But those are talking about physical things, raw materials and their transportation. What about how we actually use energy?

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