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Since fall 2018, the Energy Futures Lab (EFL) has held two Energy.AI workshops to explore how new digital innovations in areas such as machine learning and artificial intelligence have great potential to help address today’s energy challenges. Our Energy.AI series have focused on exploring:

How can artificial intelligence and machine learning enable

Alberta to thrive in a competitive, low-carbon world?

The first Energy.AI workshop shared insights and experiences from seasoned AI innovators and practitioners, as well as provided a space for dialogue and experimentation. The second Energy.AI2 workshop focused on 1) “digital upskilling” and building awareness on how machine learning can be applied to solve today’s energy and climate challenges and 2) crafting a set of compelling “problem statements” related to energy, climate and digital innovation.

We are now holding the third event in the Energy.AI series: the Energy.AI3 Accelerator, which will bring technology innovators to work with energy professionals to advance solutions for as small set of problem statements identified at the previous Energy.AI2 workshop.

Date & Location

Tuesday, October 1, 8:30am to 4:30pm

Markin MacPhail Centre, 2nd Floor
WinSport, 88 Canada Olympic Road Southwest

About EFL Accelerators

EFL Accelerators are a new form of engagement for the EFL as it moves into the next phase of its work. EFL Accelerators will bring together a select group of innovators from government, industry, civil society, and academia to work together on unique opportunities, including initiatives from the EFL portfolio and beyond, that can address challenges and prepare Alberta to thrive in the future.

EFL Accelerators include:

  • Insights from leading-edge and future-oriented research
  • Whole system solutions to systemic challenges
  • Cross-sectoral collaboration and focus on real-world actions and initiatives

Energy.AI3 will not be your typical conference.  Participants are not expected to sit passively while people talk at them, rather participants are invited with the expectation to “roll up their sleeves” contribute to the development of ideas and initiatives. As such, the upcoming Energy.AI3 Accelerator is a working session with only brief presentations to set the context and frame the challenge, and most of the time in a  facilitated workshop space with the following challenge areas:

A short summary of each challenge will be shared ahead of the Accelerator.  

Draft Agenda*

Light breakfast
Welcome and Context
Breakouts #1: Clarifying the problem
Afternoon check-in
Breakouts#2: Playing in the solutions space
Report back
Evaluation and close

*Subject to changes. A detailed agenda along with challenge briefs will be circulated ahead of the Accelerator.

This is an invitation-only workshop. If you would like to receive an invitation, please contact EFL Project Manager Kelley Thompson at


Devin Beaton

Devin is a founding member of Nutana Power, a Calgary-based company developing Renewable Peaker Plants and R&D facilities to help modernize the Alberta power grid. Devin is a corporate/commercial and regulatory lawyer whose practice focuses on renewables, energy storage, distributed generation projects, and their enabling technologies. Originally hailing from Saskatoon, Devin attended the University of Saskatchewan where he obtained his BA and JD.

Greg Bennett

Greg Bennett is here to redesign the world’s most challenging industries. Formerly Director of Transformation at Imaginea Energy (now, a $350mm Oil and Gas startup where he was the architect of Clean Hydrocarbon, a vision for the future of energy that has been adopted by Canada’s Energy leaders. Greg has led world-first Cloud, ML, IoT and Blockchain projects in partnership with companies like Google and Citrix. He is an avid ecosystem developer, founding and contributing to open tech communities like, Atmosphere and GDG Cloud Calgary.

Lianne Lefsrud

Dr. Lianne Lefsrud is an Assistant Professor, Engineering Safety and Risk Management at the University of Alberta. The objective of her research is to develop methods of determining risk acceptability that can capture its dynamicism, expanding scrutiny, and geographical differentiation. She studies how technological risks that were once considered acceptable – such as pipelining petroleum – have become increasingly criticized on moral and emotional bases, actively opposed by those who do not seem directly affected, and rejected by regulators for political reasons. Lianne uses machine learning and computational linguistics to study the discursive construction of climate change, risk management, and scientific and academic fields. For more see T: @lefsrud

Abbas Sarraf

Abbas Sarraf is the Co-founder and Head of Product at Aimsio, a software company that helps clients manage their remote projects by connecting field workers and the office. With a PhD in Machine Learning and background in Software Development, Abbas leads the Product team at Aimsio to create efficiencies that are (almost) unimaginable today. His goal is to overhaul industries in need of a digital transformation by leveraging powerful tools like Artificial Intelligence.

Owen Zarazun

Owen has been involved in the Facilities Management and Infrastructure industry since early 2000 providing professional expertise and service to stakeholders in various roles. Managing today’s fast-paced and demanding world is always interesting where technology and service delivery are forever evolving. Embracing new technologies and procedures along with a customer-driven team, Owen continues to lead identifying new ways to streamline operations while reducing operating and maintenance costs, reducing environmental impacts without sacrificing client or customer service. Owen is currently the Standards Team Leader at EQUS.

Participating Organizations

Alberta Electric System Operator (AESO)
Alberta Innovates
ARCUS Power Corp.
Blood Tribe Land Management
Braintoy Inc.
Capital Power
Cenovus Energy Inc.
Community Energy Association

ConocoPhillips Canada
Economic Development, Trade and Tourism (EDTT)
Energy Efficiency Alberta
ENMAX Power Corporation
JWN Energy
Nutana Power
Pason Power

Spartan Controls Ltd
Swallow-a-Bicycle Theatre
The Delphi Group
University of Alberta
VizworX Inc.



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