Our Bootcamp will give you the tools and connections you need to play a leading role in Alberta’s energy transition.

It is an intensive learning and leadership development experience that incorporates state-of-the-art tools and techniques tested and refined with the Energy Futures Lab Fellowship.

There are currently no Leadership Bootcamps scheduled in 2019. However, based on interest and numbers, we will consider scheduling a session. Please email info@energyfutureslab.com and we will notify you when we have a session scheduled.

Who should apply and what does it cost?

The Bootcamp is open to any individuals or groups interested in playing an active role in energy transition.

Special rates for groups of 2, 3 and 4 or more people are also available. Email info@energyfutureslab.com for more information.

Some partial bursaries may be made available to this program. In order to apply for a bursary, click here.

What does it include?

  • An interactive and intensive three-day in-person workshop
  • The Newtonian Shift energy transition simulation where you experience decades of energy transition in one day
  • Set of facilitators’ guides and materials for those wanting to take their lessons back to their organizations
  • An award-winning e-learning course
  • A follow up coaching call
  • All lunches

Bootcamp Agenda & Objectives*

Day 1
  • The Newtonian Shift Energy Transition Simulation
Day 2
  • Energy Narratives
  • Energy Trends Cafe
  • Energy System Mapping
Day 3
  • Backcasting from Success
  • Vision 2050 and Innovation Pathways
  • Stories from the Innovation Edge

*Subject to change

Day 1

  • Gain insights about how you personally react to transition.
  • Experience the perspective of an energy stakeholder you’re unfamiliar with.
  • Clarify strengths and gaps in your knowledge of the energy system.

Day 2

  • Brainstorm and map narratives held by those in the energy system.
  • Discuss the relevance of a range of energy trends to Alberta’s future.
  • Map a shared understanding of Alberta’s energy system.
  • Identify high-leverage opportunities to intervene in the energy system.
  • Review a framework to incorporate sustainability into strategic planning.

Day 3

  • Brainstorm key characteristics of the gap between success and current reality for Alberta’s energy system.
  • Review an outline of the opportunities and challenges in the upcoming energy transition
  • Explore the relevance of the lab’s exemplar initiatives.
  • Experience rapid prototyping as a way to experiment and learn in uncertainty.
What are others saying?

Here is what others are saying about their learning experience in the Energy Futures Lab…

quotes We have found that we have been able to leverage this EFL work with external partners, while also sharing the learning internally in a series of workshops that parallel the work of the EFL.”

– Cathy Glover, Suncor Energy Foundation and Community Investment


quotesAs a result of my involvement with the EFL, we have adjusted our company strategy to focus on more collaborative responses – we realize that there will not be one single solution for energy transition.”

– Audrey Mascarenhas, CEO, Questor Technologies


quotesThe fact that an ambitious, unproven, yet bold idea such as the Energy Futures Lab is flourishing in our province, gives me a sense of pride that we are once again embracing our potential to truly think, and act as global leaders.”

– Sean Collins, Co-Founder and Manager of Fundraising | Student Energy


quotesWith collaborative support like this for our entrepreneurs and innovators, I believe that we can see new and effective innovations and technologies. Ideas and technologies that could unlock the next deposit, reduce the impact of tailings, create energy from waste or accomplish something we haven’t even thought of yet. These technologies will help create new jobs and help build our knowledge economy.”

– Honourable Shannon Phillips, Minister of Environment and Parks


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