As a continuation of the work done in the EFL on CCUS in 2019, the next step for advancing this stream of work in the Lab involves building out a theory of change and potential pathway for accelerating progress on CCUS that addresses the interconnection of social, policy and technological development factors.

This is the next step in a series of workshops planned to advance the uptake of CCUS in Alberta and Canada:

  1. Broad consultation (2019): The Other Side of CCUS Workshop (complete)
  2. Special Teams (May 2020): Potential Pathway Development
  3. Broad Network Reactions (Fall 2020)

More information will be added as it becomes available.

Core Working Group

Capital Power
CMC Research Institutes
Alberta Clean Technology Industry Alliance
Emissions Reduction Alberta
Alberta Energy

CleanO2 Carbon Capture Technologies
Business Council of Alberta

Seven Generations Energy
Calgary Economic Development
U of Mount Royal


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