The Energy Futures Lab (EFL) is hosting the Energy Futures Communities Accelerator. Following last year’s Community Resilience Accelerator, this is the second community-focused EFL Accelerator that advances initiatives taking place at the intersection of energy, environment and the social well-being of Alberta’s communities.

The Energy Futures Communities Accelerator will revolve around the question:

How can Alberta communities enhance

long-term resilience in light of the shifting energy landscape?

This EFL Accelerator will advance select initiatives from Alberta communities and the EFL portfolio. Accelerator initiatives may include the following:

  • Advancing the Alberta-wide Solar Lab Project: Supporting smaller and rural communities in Alberta to bridge the gap between desiring to implement community-owned renewable energy projects and actually doing so.
  • Creating and Leveraging a Regional Electric Vehicle Mobility Vision: Working together to understand regional opportunities in Alberta by learning from successful implementations in Alberta and BC e.g. Peaks to Prairies
  • Advancing Clean Energy Improvement Program (CEIP): This initiative explores how to work with key community stakeholders to facilitate CEIP i.e. a voluntary way for property-owners to finance clean energy investments for their homes or businesses. CEIP is a made-in-Alberta approach to PACE
  • Supporting Youth Leadership in our Energy Future: Connecting youth and adults to better understand the needs and opportunities for youth to lead towards their desired energy future in ways that matter to them

Date & Location

Thursday, March 5, 2020
8:30am to 5:00pm
Drayton Valley, Alberta

If you would like to receive an invitation, please contact Scott Clements at


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