Associate Professor and Program Coordinator, Environmental Studies

Dr. Lorelei Hanson is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies at Athabasca University and a member of the West End Food Hub Alliance and Alberta Green Economy Network. She’s been a researcher with Alberta Climate Dialogue and the BC/AB Social Economy Alliance, a citizen-at-large on the City of Edmonton’s Environmental Advisory Committee and board member for the Alberta Wilderness Association and Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society. Her research focuses on critical sustainability as it applies to energy and climate change, local food, and rural sustinability. Currently she is editing the book Changing the Public Conversation on Climate Change: Engaging citizens in addressing the wicked problems of our time.


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Alberta has the opportunity to demonstrate to the world what a precautionary approach to energy production and use would mean. We have the skills, education and wealth to harness innovations in the energy system, and to use this as a catalyst to develop further ecologically sustainable systems and approaches.

Dr. Lorelei Hanson

Technological solutions that reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency and reliability are required, but we also need to explore the relationship between energy consumption, everyday practices and ordinary technology, in other words we must collectively examine our social practices.

Dr. Lorelei Hanson