Workshop Dates and Information

The Energy Futures Lab Fellowship will be anchored by a series of in-person sessions spanning two phases that run from October 2015 to October 2016, as outlined below.

The third phase will launch collaborative breakthrough innovations conceived and planned during the first two phases.

Building Shared Value

Foundations Workshop

Welcome dinner Nov 1, Nov 2 – Nov 4 (mid afternoon)
Banff, Alberta

3 Days

  • Fellows will meet one another and jointly explore the issues and challenges facing Alberta’s energy system from a range of perspectives.
  • Fellows will identify shared needs and opportunities. They will also explore collaborative leadership capacities and practices.
Backcasting Workshop

January 25 (afternoon) – 27, 2016
Downtown Edmonton

2.5 Days

  • Fellows will explore possibilities for future Alberta energy system(s) and identify opportunities for early collaborative action.
  • This will include a site visit to inform the examination of challenges and opportunities for transition in the system.

Designing Shared Priorities

Learning Journeys

February – April 2016
Various locations

1.5 – 3 Days + Travel

  • Fellows will travel in small teams to experience first hand the challenges and innovations of a provincial, national or global energy system.
  • Fellows will select a learning journey suitable to their interests and schedules.
Systemic Design

Mid May 2016
Banff, Alberta

2.5 Days

  • Fellows will share and reflect upon the learning journeys. This will inform identification of high potential areas for collaboration.
  • Fellows will apply Systemic Design to launch joint prototype projects and test ideas.
Collective Impact

October 2016
Calgary, Alberta

2.5 Days

  • Fellows will debrief prototype projects and determine next steps.
  • The prototypes will inform further iterations and establish the Energy Futures Lab as a platform to enable experimentation, learning, and action in Phase III.

Ongoing Implementation and Collaboration


2017 – 2019
Various locations

  • Fellows will continue and carry forward action and learning.
  • The Energy Futures Lab will support Fellows through funding and administration to enable continued collaboration. Phase III programming will be determined by Fellows in Phase II.
Between Workshops

The Energy Futures Lab is designed to support Fellows in their personal, professional and organizational goals.  Fellows will be expected to debrief, share insights and discuss opportunities with their teams and organizations. Lab facilitators will provide support in the form of tools and instruction.

Fellows will be expected to arrive fully prepared to each workshop, having reviewed materials and reflected on lessons from previous Lab engagement.

Optional online and in-person events will be organized by the Energy Futures Lab team to allow for further knowledge sharing and inspiration.  These may include webinars describing an exciting case study or an after work informal gathering.


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