Tristan Walker

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Tristan is a community-focused sustainable energy specialist. He was a first year fellow in 2022/23 and has gained many strong relationships through his time as part of the fellowship.

Todd Becker

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Todd is currently the Chief Administrative Officer with the Town of Innisfail and has served communities for over 30 years. This is Todd’s second year as an EFL Fellow and he is using the valuable experience to create awareness to communities and stakeholders of the opportunities and challenges the energy transition presents.

Shahed Shafazand

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Shahed is the co-founder of Shift-Catalysts and a passionate environmentalist. Through a diverse career path, she found her strength in bridging different knowledge systems and creating a space for imaginative innovation. She has devoted her passion and time to projects that centre the voices of racialized, frontline, and low-income communities within the energy system with a vision to realize a just energy transition. She always seeks opportunities to learn and grow and embrace the complexities of the systems of our world. An enthusiastic systems thinker, she applies systems thinking to small and big problems in her work and personal life.

Rory Wheat

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Rory is passionate about developing innovative solutions that accelerate society’s path toward decarbonization, transitioning the energy industry, sustainable agriculture, and radical conservation of our natural resources and wildlife.

A proud University of Saskatchewan Alumni, Rory has a B.Sc in Environmental Biology and Masters in Energy Security. He’s also a member of the Community Appropriate Sustainable Energy Security (CASES) Research Partnership. Where he was recognized as one of USask’s Young Innovators for his work on remote community adoption of bioenergy systems in Canada.

Rory’s current role has taken him into the private sector as the Vice President of Development for Varme Energy where he has helped launch the company and support its vision to develop a portfolio of projects integrating waste to energy and carbon capture in Canada.

Chantale Campbell

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Chantale is a Senior ESG Advisor with the ConocoPhillips Canada Sustainable Development Team. She provides functional support in areas related to land/biodiversity, cumulative effects and water associated with oil and gas development. With 20 years of varied experience leading community and multi-party collaborations in social innovation initiatives, Chantale excels at tackling difficult topics and bringing multiple parties together in a solutions space.

She leverages her access to evolving global environmental and social strategies to elevate performance across related disciplines internally and to influence external forums. She prides herself on being a unique thinker that respectfully challenges the status quo.

Miles Jolliffe

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Miles Jolliffe is a registered Professional Engineer who is now actively working in the field of Indigenous Relations. His work promotes the inclusion, participation and benefits for Indigenous peoples during the development, construction and operations of resource development projects in Canada.

Miles works directly with affected Indigenous communities, businesses and Peoples across a number of capacities, including consultation and accommodation, design modification, project management, contracting and procurement, regulatory compliance and project agreement implementation.

Miles is Inuvialuit, with strong roots in Mackenzie Delta region of Canada’s Northwest Territories. He currently lives in Calgary with his young family. 

A self-described “lifelong learner,” Miles graduated from Simon Fraser University’s Executive MBA program with a specialty in Indigenous Business and Leadership.

Melanie Ross

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Melanie Ross is the Research Chair for SAIT’s Green Building Technologies research activities in their 16,000-ft2 Lab and Demonstration Centre. With over 15 years of experience with recognized architecture, planning and engineering firms, and now as team lead at GBTAC, Melanie has an extensive background in delivering many projects ranging from energy management, existing building performance, innovative technologies, sustainability planning and policy development, and architectural design and construction.

Education and industry transformation are a key part of Melanie’s contributions to green building through her work at GBTAC and on many boards and committees and EFL is a key influence on the work and impact GBTAC makes.

Jenna Anand

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Jenna is a Chemical Engineer with over 18 years in various project and business development leadership roles in western Canada, Asia and for the Global Shell organization. She is passionate about sparking change in organizations to enable lower carbon energy, such as spearheading the largest solar installation and first public EV Chargers for Brunei. In her current role, Jenna leads Scope 1 & 2 decarbonization efforts across Shell’s global portfolio.

Having been born and raised in Alberta, Jenna is passionate about enabling solutions that help our communities thrive through working with the EFL

Jelena Bajic

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Jelena is the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Environment and Technology at NorQuest College. As an Energy Futures Lab Fellow, Jelena continues to explore the intricate interplay between these disciplines which is undeniably shaping our communities and economy today and will continue to do so into the future. Jelena is passionate about empowering others to act and engages in many working groups, events and committees. She believes in community-driven impact that elevates individuals and the collective. Beyond her work-related commitments, Jelena is also the President of a child care society and an avid supporter of the Edmonton culinary and arts scenes.

Eyab Al-Aini

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Eyab Al-Aini is the Founder and Managing Partner at E4 Solutions, a boutique firm that provides specialized consulting and advisory services to venture capital and institutional investors, technology developers, governments, non-profit organizations, suppliers and service providers in oil and gas and renewable energies.

Eyab’s experiences crosses several sectors including oil and gas, mining, energy systems research and modelling, cleantech, nano-technology product development, media, government relations and public policy. Over the last 14 years he held multiple roles in engineering, project development, upstream oil and gas operations, capital portfolio management, and public policy.

He is father of two, a registered professional engineer in Alberta, and a fellow of the UK-based Royal Society of Arts (RSA), and associate at Human Venture Leadership.