Ambition: Working collaboratively to forge pathways for community resilience and energy innovation in Alberta.

Economic pressures, combined with regional and global developments in energy and climate, have many of Alberta’s community leaders asking how they can respond to and shape these changes to help their communities thrive.

The Energy Futures Roadshow harnesses the combined knowledge, skills and networks of the Energy Futures Lab (EFL) Fellows and community leaders to support collaborative action on unique opportunities and challenges arising from energy transition.

Each Energy Futures Roadshow is designed and delivered in collaboration with the host community, and is tailored to the community’s needs and capacities. The engagement will typically include a series of workshops over a few days with a diversity of community members, including businesses, governments, schools, economic and community developers, and the public, followed by support from the Energy Futures Lab team to mobilize action. During subsequent workshops communities take stock of their actions, reflect on learning and prepare to move initiatives forward.

Due to restrictions and precautions with COVID-19, Roadshow workshops are currently taking place online over 4 virtual sessions.

Participants will ideally attend all workshops (though this is not mandatory). They will be asked to take collaborative action with other participants and community members with support from the Energy Futures Lab team following each workshop.

Workshop 1: Orient participants to the opportunity at-hand
During the first workshop the EFL team and Fellows guide participants to increase the level of understanding about the energy system and explore polarization of energy issues in general and in the local context. An inventory of community initiatives is undertaken to discuss where individual and collaborative action can accelerate progress towards an energy system that the future requires of us, fostering cohesion among Roadshow participants to build momentum for the next workshops.

Workshop 2: Build on momentum to initiate a Vision for an Energy Future
The second workshop aims to increase the level of understanding of opportunities in the evolving energy system in general and in the local context. Building on this, participants initiate a visioning process of a desired energy system, within the unique context of their community. Community leaders and members are invited to review existing initiatives, identify other aligned initiatives and prepare to take collective action.

Workshop 3: Mobilize action for a community Energy Future
In the third workshop participants are invited to step back to see the forest for the trees. You will work to generate alignment, take stock of individual and collective work, reflect on and integrate your learning so far to accelerate initiatives and mobilize for action, and continue refining your Vision for an Energy Future.

Workshop 4: Reflect on learning and work to-date and plan for the future
In the final workshop, you are invited to share progress on initiatives, reflect on progress to date, and discuss how best to carry the work forward. The EFL team will present a draft of your community’s Vision for an Energy Future, a living document to help guide you as you work toward achieving the potential energy future you desire.

Upcoming Roadshows

The Energy Futures Lab is currently applying for funding for 2021 Roadshows.

If you are an Alberta community leader who is interested in having the Energy Futures Roadshow come to your community, please check back here for updates and deadlines for expressions of interest . We look forward to supporting you in sparking a collaborative forum for the “radical-middle” while exploring the unique opportunities and challenges of your community’s energy future.

Completed and In-Process Roadshows:

  • Athabasca (October – December 2020)
  • Whitecourt (September – December 2020)
  • Hinton (November 2018 & November 2019)
  • Drayton Valley (September – October 2019)
  • Red Deer (September 2019)
  • Devon (March – June 2019)
  • Grande Prairie (April – May 2019)
  • Crowsnest Pass (October 2018)

If you have any questions or are interested in hosting an Energy Futures Roadshow in your community, or know of a good community to offer one to, please contact info@energyfutureslab.com.