Ambition: This initiative entails working collaboratively with Alberta’s communities to forge pathways for community resilience and energy innovation in Alberta.

Economic pressures, combined with regional and global developments in energy and climate, have many community leaders asking how they can respond to and shape these changes to help their communities thrive.

The Energy Futures Roadshow harnesses the combined knowledge, skills and networks of the Energy Futures Lab Fellows to focus them on supporting Albertan communities to explore their unique opportunities and challenges arising from energy transition.

Each Energy Futures Roadshow is designed and delivered in collaboration with the host community, and is tailored to the community’s needs and capacities. The engagement will typically include a series of workshops over a few days with a diversity of community members, including businesses, governments, schools, economic and community developers and the public followed by support from the Energy Futures Lab team to enable action. This is capped with a second workshop a few months thereafter where communities take stock of action, reflect on learning and prepare to take further steps.

The Energy Futures Roadshow typically follows this format:

Day 1: Energy Transition Simulation
Through a fun role-playing simulation, this session will provide an opportunity for participants to experience decades of energy transition in one day. This session is always a highlight.

Day 2: Energy Futures Workshop
The second day will take a workshop format and be a place for participants to explore the implications and opportunities of local energy-related issues with each other. The workshop will offer guest speakers and provide other activities that will help participants better understand the opportunities and risks of local energy-related issues, showcase existing local initiatives, and explore what near-term initiatives (existing or new) are most important and needed to take action on. Participants will be asked to lead conversations and commit to taking action on these items.

Participants will commit to attend this two day workshop, take collaborative action with other participants and community members with support from the Energy Futures Lab team, and attend a second workshop 1-2 months later to share progress, discuss learning and plan for further collaborative action.

Initiative Status

The EFL has the following upcoming Roadshows:

Upcoming Roadshows

Drayton Valley
Sept 5, 2019 – Energy Transition Simulation
Sept 6, 2019 – Energy Futures Workshop
Oct 28, 2019 – Follow up workshop
Please sign up directly here.

Red Deer
Sept 19, 2019 – Energy Transition Simulation
Sept 20, 2019 – Energy Futures Workshop
Nov 13 or 14 (TBC) – Follow up workshop
Please sign up directly here.

Nov 7 – Follow up workshop

TBD – Follow up workshop

In the past, the EFL has held the following the Roadshows:

  • Crowsnest Pass (October 18 and 19, 2018)
  • Hinton (November 28 and 29, 2018)
  • Devon (March 25 and 26, 2019)
  • Grande Prairie (April 3 and 4, 2019)

If you have any questions or would like further information on the Energy Futures Roadshow, please contact Matt Mayer at mmayer@naturalstep.ca.

If you are interested in hosting an Energy Futures Roadshow in your community or know of a good community to offer one to, please contact info@energyfutureslab.com.