Ambition: The larger ambition is to use this pilot to create a model that can be replicated and scaled to other communities in Canada with the broader goal of training 1,000 fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers across Canada into renewables.

This initiative is designed to assist un or under-employed oil and gas workers and Indigenous community members in expanding their skill set to include renewable energy projects. This hands-on training contributes to reducing GHG emissions while increasing cleantech infrastructure in communities.

A collaboration between Iron & Earth and the Louis Bull Tribe, the Louis Bull Renewable School project is the first of its kind in Canada, including six renewable energy installations integrated into the community K-9 school. Each of these systems is complemented by training programs that ensure members of the Louis Bull Tribe, as well as fossil fuel industry workers from nearby communities, can develop new skills and gain experience through being involved in hands-on installations. Training programs are anticipated to train 60 workers. This project also features a number of opportunities for deeper learning of Indigenous cultures with a Cross-Cultural Learning Program and a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony and Cultural Celebration.


There are three challenges facing this initiative. Project financing through business and government is crucial to achieve the installation and delivery of the program. The success of this program depends on applying new learning and shifting careers so recruiting and supporting trainees in the long run will be an important step in this initiative. The business model and strategy to scale up is another challenge that is being considered for this pilot, as the ambition is to scale and replicate this initiative in other communities.

Initiative Status

In October, 2017, Iron & Earth and the Louis Bull Tribe are proud to have partnered on the successful completion of the Louis Bull Renewable Daycare project, where a solar power system was installed on the roof of the community daycare building. In conjunction with the installation, 15 fossil fuel industry and Indigenous workers completed a 5-day solar energy training program together.

In April 2019, the EFL hosted the Community Resilience Accelerator, which focused on advancing four initiatives with the help of EFL Fellows, Parters, and industry subject matter experts. One of the initiatives advanced was Louis Bull Renewable Schools Pilot. Learn more about the challenge put out for EFL community here.