Community Resilience

Indigenous Leadership


Ambition: Geothermal opportunities abound in Alberta – most are already confirmed by existing assets like natural gas wells. Geothermal energy can power community growth, as is being demonstrated by a “Sustainaville” project.

Sustainaville will use geothermal energy to ‘grow a whole community’ through generating geothermal base load power as well as geothermal heat for diverse uses such as a commercial greenhouse and industrial park operations. Sustainaville is being built with a BC First Nation and Alberta technology to demonstrate the economic and environmental potential of geothermal.

Sustainaville is being built in a BC community, less than 100 kilometers across the Alberta border. The ambition is to generate community economic development through the provision of low emission base load energy. Sustainaville will draw on technology and expertise honed in Alberta’s oil and gas industry while helping to overcome commonly held perceptions of limitations of the viability of geothermal as an energy source.


The current development path for Sustainaville includes co-ownership of energy infrastructure with the municipality and First Nations. Yet moving forward requires greater awareness and support for this integrated clean energy project amongst community members. Building capacity and knowledge in the community around the viability and benefits of clean energy options, as well as opportunities for community co-ownership, will better position the community to undertake a clean energy project.

Initiative Status

This project has attracted financial support and has entered the demonstration phase and commenced drilling in June 2018. This initiative has now graduated from the EFL.

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