Pathway #9

Helping workers thrive in a low-carbon economy


EFL Pathway #9 is about supporting the transfer and development of new skills in Alberta’s labour force to help workers and communities thrive in a low-carbon economy. This means working with businesses and labour organizations, as well as professional and educational institutions to help workers build new competencies and knowledge to take advantage of new employment opportunities offered by the energy transition.


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Worker's Climate Plan

Iron & Earth has worked with worker members, supporters, and key stakeholders to develop a Workers’ Climate Plan that reflects a shared vision and voice from an industrial energy sector perspective. The Plan recognizes that “Industrial energy sector workers, alongside a wide range of industry stakeholders, are calling for ambitious renewable energy development and a National Climate Strategy that is in alignment with the Workers’ Climate Plan.”

The Worker’s Climate Plan is intended to:

  • Build up Canada’s renewable energy workforce capacity
  • Promotes Canadian manufacturing of renewable energy technologies
  • Position existing energy sector workers, developers, contractors, and unions within renewable energy sector?

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Solar Skills Campaign

This training program, run by Iron & Earth will prepare trainees for the coming boom in solar energy jobs and allow oil, gas and coal workers to take their new skills and knowledge back to their job sites to minimize the impact of carbon based energy industries. Priority will be given to out of work or underemployed energy workers in the oil, gas and coal industries.

Solar skills goals:

  • 100 hands-on training programs in communities across Alberta.
  • 1000 workers trained in renewable energy installations and retrofitting.
  • High school curriculum materials to get our future tradespeople amped up for renewables

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