The Natural Step Canada gets a New Name, New Look

Building on three decades of impact and growth, The Natural Step Canada, the parent organization of the Energy Futures Lab, is rebranding with a new name, new look, and new approach to surfacing the solutions Canada needs now.

On July 3rd, the Natural Step Canada is becoming Generate Canada. Its mission, in partnership with the Smart Prosperity Institute, is to connect problem-solvers to tackle the most complex challenges at the heart of economy, environment, and society. By working together, we will generate solutions for a strong and inclusive economy that thrives within nature’s limits.

Why the rebrand?

While The Natural Step Canada’s vision has stood the test of time, our way of achieving it has evolved. The focus has shifted from influencing single organizations to influencing whole value-chains. By bringing together problem-solvers across the solutions ecosystem and putting all the tools of change on the table (policy, business practice, technology) we can achieve this. The new name speaks to this new approach – generating collaboration, innovation, and solutions.

The Energy Futures Lab is proud to be a solution space of Generate Canada.

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