Apoorv Sinha has a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Georgia Institute of Technology in Chemical and Bio­molecular engineering. Apoorv resided in Kuwait for 8 years before moving to Atlanta in 2007.  Apoorv is Co­-Founder of the logistics start­up TOHL (Tubing Operations for Humanitarian Logistics). He is also leading the commercialization of various technologies in his capacity of Research Manager at zEroCor Tubulars, a Calgary­-based oilfield service company, and also leads Carbon Upcycling, a startup focused on the production of carbon nano­particles from sequestered CO2.

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The Albertan Oil Sands, and the province’s economic dependence on them need to be an important focus for the province as it shifts to a modern energy future that is economically lucrative and sustainable.

Apoorv Sinha

Apoorv represents key voices in Alberta’s energy system – the innovative technology developer, the small business, and the next generation of leaders. All three have their unique perspectives, and play important roles in the discussion about transforming Alberta’s energy system to meet the sustainability challenges of the 21st century.

Dr. Carol­ Ann Brown, Director of Technology Services at The Delphi Group, and Operations Director for the Low Carbon Innovation Alliance