Senior Manager, Products and Services, Advanced Energy Centre, MaRS Discovery District

Gerardo is Senior Manager at the Advanced Energy Centre in MaRS Discovery District in Toronto, the largest urban innovation hub in the world, where he works in energy-transition related initiatives in Canada, the US and Latin America. As an Electrical Engineer and an Environmental Manager, Gerardo formerly worked in Regulatory Project Management with the Alberta Electric System Operator. An experienced energy professional, Gerardo’s international experience includes the utilities industry in Mexico and Canada and large multi-million dollar power generation projects all over the world. Gerardo’s interests include Human Learning Ecology, renewable energy systems and cycling. Gerardo is a Top 40 under 40, class of 2014.

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We often forget when we're looking at energy systems that the economy is a subset of the environment and not the other way around. When we are just paying attention to the economic aspects and we disregard the environmental side of it, then we are doing ourselves a disservice.

Gerardo Marquez

(Alberta’s future energy system) will be a system that will be more democratic where there will be opportunities for groups of people, for cooperatives or for smaller organizations, to participate in the energy system, and where there will be significant reduction on the type of fuel that we are currently using.

Gerardo Marquez