Justin Smith is former Director of Policy at the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, and an enthusiastic policy wonk, particularly when it comes energy and finance. At the Chamber, Justin was responsible for developing the organization’s public policy agenda through in-­depth research and policy analysis. Justin and his team provided valuable perspective on the issues that matter most to the Calgary business community, and craft policy recommendations to enhance the stability, ingenuity, productivity and competitiveness of Calgary business. Before coming to Calgary, Justin got his start in government and politics in the Empire State, first with the Office of the Governor of New York, and later with the New York State Senate. During that time, he was responsible for policy development and communications planning in a variety of issue areas, notably energy policy, infrastructure development, and the regulation of the financial services industry.

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The biggest barrier holding back the business community from realizing its potential as a catalyst for energy systems change is the widespread but myopic belief that progressive changes in how we produce, transport and consume energy will compromise our economic competitiveness. I firmly believe the collaborative approach of the Energy Lab lends itself quite nicely to this self­-education, and allows people to embrace these challenges collectively with greater optimism.

Justin Smith

Alberta should be the place where the world’s energy future comes to audition.

Justin Smith