Vice President of Strategy & Commercial Development

Sandy Martin has over 20 years of experience in Canadian and international oil and gas exploration, development and operations. His current position is Vice President of Strategy & Commercial Development for Suncor Energy. Sandy began his career as an engineer supporting operations in Western Canada. Over the subsequent years he has held various positions in project management, marketing, operations and development focused on Canadian oil sands and offshore oil and gas in Canada and the North Sea.

Sandy currently sits on the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance steering committee and he has previously served as a board member of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council, Petroleum Research Newfoundland & Labrador and the International School of Aberdeen. Sandy is part of the Trudeau Foundation community, serving as a 2013 mentor.

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The energy system of the future will need to be adaptive and resilient to changing needs such as climate, society and markets, as well as technologies.

Sandy Martin

Innovation is core to Suncor’s DNA. How can we continue to provide efficient available energy to the world and still continue to grow and thrive in a manner that meets everybody's needs?

Sandy Martin