Since our inception in 2015, we have focused on evolving a portfolio of initiatives to collaboratively explore emerging opportunities and challenges facing our energy future.

Each initiative can be considered in terms of a standalone challenge, with its own approach to stakeholder engagement and collaboration. However, on the whole, the portfolio demonstrates the interconnectedness and multi-layer complexity currently defining Alberta and Canada’s energy system. The diversity of challenges and opportunities shaping our portfolio reminds us of the need for a systems approach as we work to create the energy system the future requires of us. Initiatives also vary in their maturity and require different levels of support and advocacy. 

The EFL supports initiatives in a number of ways, including workshop design, developing strategic communications, fostering connectivity and alignment across our network, project scoping, advocacy, regular convenings and much more. 

Energy Futures Lab Themes

Future-Fit Hydrocarbons

Innovation can secure a global role for Alberta’s hydrocarbon resources in a low-carbon future.

Leveraging our Energy Assets

New value can be found in Alberta’s legacy energy assets and infrastructure.

People in Transition

Alberta’s workers can thrive in a low carbon economy if we support skill development and transfer.

Community Resilience

New approaches to economic development, community planning, and mobility can prepare Alberta’s communities for success.

Indigenous Leadership

Energy transition presents new opportunities for trust and reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Alberta.

Emerging Energy Transition Industries

Supporting the emergence of new growth industries that will position Alberta’s economy to thrive in a low-carbon emission future.

Since these streams of work are often complementary, most EFL initiatives span a broad, thematic reach and can be considered within multiple contexts. The six key themes were identified to help provide direction and focus to the portfolio as we work towards the 2050 vision. However, in keeping with the Lab’s commitment to emergence, we do not view these key themes as immovable criteria. Rather, our understanding of these themes is continually evolving alongside transformations within our energy system and our portfolio of initiatives.

Growing an Alberta Biojet Industry

Building an Albertan Hydrogen Economy

Carbon Capture Utilization and Storage

Bitumen Beyond Combustion

Sustainable Finance & Transition Index

Energy Futures Policy Collaborative


New Uses for Inactive Wells

Geothermal Potential

Growing an Alberta Lithium Industry

Charging Ahead With Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency Pilot for Small Rural Businesses

Community Power Generation

Energy Futures Roadshow


K-12 Energy Literacy

Solar Labs

The Renewable Skills Initiative

Alberta E-Mobility Ecosystem

Indigenous Leadership Through Rights Relations