Manager, Environmental Performance Improvement

Meera is an environmental business leader with over 18 years’ experience in oil, gas, and renewables and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geological Environmental Engineering from Queen’s University.  She is passionate about helping transform the integrated North American energy system, through low carbon technologies and projects. Much of her career has focused on climate change and low carbon energy.  She previously advised Shell’s top leadership on climate change risks associated with the company’s global business strategies.  Upon returning to Canada, she developed climate change and energy policy positions for Shell businesses, and was later responsible for the renewable energy portfolio and strategy within Shell’s Heavy Oil business.

Meera is now the Manager of Environmental Performance Improvement and COSIA (Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance) for Heavy Oil, seeking technology solutions to the oil sands’ environmental challenges.


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The challenge is to build a new energy system capable of meeting the energy needs of future generations with secure, sustainable and affordable energy at a much reduced environmental cost. Our industry will, and must, play a major role in shaping the next one hundred years.

Meera Nathwani-Crowe

Alberta’s prosperity is dependent on adapting its energy system to generate business opportunities and economic value. As rising global environmental pressures and societal expectations drive energy development towards a higher level of environmental performance, Alberta – and indeed Canada – has a tremendous opportunity to develop environmental technologies that can then be exported, along with cleaner oil and gas, to help the world manage carbon emissions.

Meera Nathwani-Crowe