The Mass Timber Roadmap

An Integrated Forest-to-Buildings Value Chain
June 13, 2024

After more than a decade of hard work to unlock and demonstrate the potential for mass timber in Canada, the industry is ready to scale. Canada has excellent wood resources…

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Leading the Charge: A Vision for Alberta’s Electricity Future

March 4, 2024

Decarbonizing our energy system is a formidable challenge, with electricity playing a pivotal role. A clear vision for our electricity system is crucial, serving as a guiding beacon amidst uncertainty….

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2023 Energy Futures Lab Impact Report

January 29, 2024

As the Energy Futures Lab celebrates nine years of work towards establishing a trusted network of energy leaders and bridging their innovative efforts to accelerate Canada’s energy transition, 2023 saw…

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Accelerating the Adoption of CCUS in Alberta

A Systems View
December 8, 2023

Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS) is a pivotal avenue to achieving net-zero energy by 2030. However, the effective deployment of CCUS in Alberta and across Canada faces complex challenges….

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The C-SAF Roadmap

Building a feedstocks-to-fuels SAF supply chain in Canada
June 5, 2023

A first for sustainable aviation fuels in Canada, this roadmap is the result of a collaborative effort between C-SAF, Energy Futures Lab, and Transition Accelerator. Canada has enormous opportunities in…

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2022 Energy Futures Lab Impact Report

December 5, 2022

One of the Energy Futures Lab’s strengths as a social innovation lab is holding the tensions and tradeoffs of the toughest energy challenges in a way that is generative, inclusive…

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A Roadmap for Canada’s Battery Value Chain

Building a national strategy for critical minerals and green battery metals
June 21, 2022

Demand for electric vehicles is growing at a rate that exceeds even the most robust recent predictions. This roadmap presents a national strategy for Canada to capitalize on its abundant…

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BMAC Summary Report Cover

Creating a Bold Transformative Vision for Canada’s Battery Metals Industry

How could a strong and robust battery metals value chain be a platform that helps build a stronger, more prosperous and healthier Canada?
May 24, 2022

This summary report captures the output from a series of workshops co-hosted by the Battery Metals Association of Canada and the Energy Futures Lab, in which participants from sectors along…

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Tracking Progress to the Future

Indicators for identifying and implementing policies to ensure Alberta’s competitiveness and prosperity in a decarbonizing world
April 7, 2022

Alberta faces the challenge of developing and scaling areas of economic activity that are more competitive in a decarbonizing world. Albertan firms are already exploring opportunities to repurpose assets from the…

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Same game, new rules

How policy can unlock future-fit innovation in Alberta’s hydrocarbon sectors

This report provides a conceptual framework for the efforts of the Energy Futures Lab’s Policy Collaborative (EFPC) that was launched to explore the role of public policy for attracting investment…

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Renewal And Reinvention Of Alberta’s Hydrocarbon Cluster

Learning From The Past
December 1, 2021

This paper examines factors that could allow for the renewal of the Alberta hydrocarbons cluster so it becomes future-fit, with the goal of identifying catalytic conditions and factors for the…

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Sustainable Finance Research Project

November 22, 2021

The Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) retail fund segment has been gaining tremendous interest from sustainable and responsible investors over the last few years. In the investment industry, a variety…

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Policy Levers Toolkit

Using government policy to help cleantech succeed
November 3, 2021

This toolkit is designed to help organizations understand and leverage government policy actions used to shape the behaviour of consumers, markets, producers, investors and competing jurisdictions in ways that will…

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Designing A Marketplace Framework For Future-Fit Hydrocarbons

Policy brief
June 1, 2021

This policy brief makes the case that federal and provincial governments need to act to encourage investment in future-fit hydrocarbon industries and presents a framework for how they might do…

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Evaluating Future Fitness

What Matters To Decision-Makers When Considering Whether A Hydrocarbon Investment Is Future Fit?
March 2, 2021

This policy brief outlines a set of common assessment criteria that are currently used by decision-makers to assess the future fitness of technologies and projects in the face of uncertain…

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Leveraging our Assets for Diversification

The LEAD project
March 1, 2021

The LEAD project aims to clear roadblocks that will allow entrepreneurs to utilize existing oil and gas sites and infrastructure for new development, attract investment to Alberta for these developments,…

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