Collaboratively addressing complex energy challenges

The energy transition requires more than just technological advancement. It involves a multi-faceted approach that recognizes the complexities and interconnectedness between our social systems and our energy system.

To better understand these connections, innovators and influencers from across Alberta join the Energy Futures Lab as Fellows and Partners to collectively address current and future energy challenges.

Role and Value of the Energy Futures Lab

As a trusted convenor, connector, storyteller and catalyzer of innovative energy system initiatives and solutions, the Energy Futures Lab supports change-makers as they collaboratively explore the following question:

How can we leverage Canada’s assets and innovation capacity to accelerate an inclusive and equitable transition to a prosperous net-zero future?

Let us approach our shared challenge with boldness and curiosity, let us acknowledge that our actions have consequences today and in the future, and most importantly, let us leave no one behind.

Innovation Challenges

We focus our attention and resources on complex challenges that require collaboration and innovation beyond the constraints of single organizations, disciplines, and perspectives. We currently have four active Innovation Challenges:

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Aatif Baskanderi

Chief Executive Officer, The Northpine Foundation

Our energy future requires empathetic connections to work together to solve issues for all of us.