of opportunities

energy system

is at the centre of the most complex, fragmented and divisive debates.

From disputes about market access for Alberta’s oil, to disagreements about the most strategic approaches to address climate change to controversies about the health and wellbeing of affected communities, energy system pressures are impacting all stakeholders.

… We require a diversity of stakeholder insights and contributions …

In response, The Natural Step Canada and our original convening partners have designed a platform to discuss, experiment, and innovate—the Energy Futures Lab.

In Collaboration with

We are asking:

How can Alberta’s leadership position in today’s energy system serve as a platform for transitioning to the energy system the future needs?

Generating Breakthrough Outcomes

  • New Partnerships
  • New Standards
  • Game-changing Business Models
  • Shifts in Public Narrative
  • Changes in Public Policy

The Timeline


TO FALL 2015

Design, resource, and source a diverse team who can lead, innovate and succeed.

Shared Value


Commit to collaborating and begin to co-create a new, shared narrative about Alberta’s energy system.

Shared Priorities

TO FALL 2016

Map the desired transition in the system, prioritize collaborative projects, and engage stakeholders beyond the lab.

Ongoing Innovation & Outcome Evaluation

TO 2018

Co-ordinate action across a broad range of organizations, which in turn begins to shift the public narrative about energy issues.


  • Maps the path to breakthrough results
  • Enables exploration and development
  • Captures emerging learning and insights to evolve the work
  • Uncovers expected and unexpected outcomes
  • Supports the process of innovation to disrupt and transition the system