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The Calgary Herald / March 16, 2024: Opinion: Alberta’s electricity future is bright — if we work together by Alison Cretney, Maureen Kolla, and Terri-Lynn Duque

The Narwhal / September 21, 2023: Inside the World Petroleum Congress and the pushback against net zero

Daily Oil Bulletin / August 1, 2023: Sustainable Aviation Fuels Roadmap Author Says Canada Has all the Steps to the Value Chain

Forbes / July 11, 2023: Increasing ZEVs Adoption Will Be Critical In Decarbonising Canada’s Transportation Sector

Calgary Herald / June 24, 2023: Opinion: Indigenous partnerships key to accelerating the energy transition

CBC / June 20, 2023: On energy transition, Canada should take a matriarchal approach

Forbes / May 17, 2023: Leading Experts Weigh In On Growing Canada’s Economy in 2023-2024

Avenue Magazine / April 25, 2023: How Energy Innovation in Calgary Could Shape the World

Calgary Herald / April 14, 2023: Opinion: Time for a leap of faith, politicians must work together to ensure Alberta’s future  by Alison Cretney and Matthew Foss

CBC Radio / February 8, 2023: Exploring Canada’s lithium rush – The Current with Matt Galloway feat. Juli Rohl

Forbes / January 24, 2023: Two Ways Canada Can Advance Green Growth And Accelerate Climate Change Efforts

Release / January 16, 2023: Energy Futures Lab Announces 2023 Fellowship Cohort

Canada’s National Observer / December 7, 2023: Climate finance, Canada’s new imperative by Keren Perla and Chad Park

Global News / September 22, 2022: Lithium well a ‘gamechanger’ for energy transition in Alberta

Innovation News Network / August 25, 2022: A Canadian battery supply chain can expedite the clean energy transition

The Hill Times / August 11, 2022: There’s no energy security without net zero by Alison Cretney 

Announcement: / July 19, 2022: Town of Innisfail to kick off new initiative in partnership with the Energy Futures Lab

Calgary Herald / June 9, 2022: Opinion: Alberta, it’s time to move from hedging bets to staking claims in the energy transition by Alison Cretney and Mike Wilson 

Calgary Herald / May 9, 2022: Opinion: Indigenous Peoples eager to help lead transition to ‘future-fit’ hydrocarbon industry by JP Gladu and Raylene Whitford

Energi Media / May 7, 2022: How Canadian “future-fit” hydrocarbons could fit in a low carbon world

Calgary Herald / May 5, 2022: What does the transition to renewable energy mean for Alberta’s skilled workers?

Toronto Star / May 5, 2022: Energy Futures Policy Collaborative to work with local First Nations


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