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Energy Futures Lab and Smart Prosperity Institute / December 15, 2021: Renewal and Reinvention of Alberta’s Hydrocarbon Cluster

Medium / December 14, 2021: Working with what we have got: Why economic clusters are a useful frame for thinking about Alberta’s energy transition by John McNally

Medium / December 6, 2021: Alberta’s future: turning nonsense to common sense by Alicia Planincic 

Medium / November 18, 2021: Harnessing possible futures for better policy outcomes by Dr. Sara Hastings Simon 

The Hill Times / November 11, 2021: A just transition must reflect the voices of those who will be impacted most by Alison Cretney and Elizabeth Shirt

Corporate Knights / October 27, 2021: Advice to world leaders heading to UN climate summit: forget consensus by Emma Gammans

Medium / August 3, 2021: Support markets, not just one-off projects, to grow Alberta’s clean economy by Una Jefferson 

Medium / June 23, 2021: Survival of the Cleanest: Why low-carbon can equal high-success for Alberta’s energy sector by Patrycja Drainville, Chad Park and Jamie Bonham

Medium / June 9, 2021: Why Future Fit Hydrocarbons are the bridge to a better future by  Patrycja Drainville, Chad Park and Jamie Bonham

Medium / May 26, 2021: Capital Concerns: Why big business is driving the shift towards lower-carbon capitalism (and why Alberta can be a part of it) by Patrycja Drainville, Chad Park and Jamie Bonham

Energy Futures Lab / April 26, 2021: Leveraging our Energy Assets for Diversification News Release

Medium / April 9, 2021: Practical Approaches to Storytelling: A Guide for Energy Professionals by Emma Gammans

Innovating Canada / April 1, 2021: Unleashing Creative Fuel for Canada’s Energy Transition by Alison Cretney

Medium / March 30, 2021: A closer look at “future-fit” by Dale Beugin

Medium / March 30, 2021: What decision-makers care about when investing in future-fit hydrocarbon by John McNally

For the Sake of Argument / March 28, 2021: Arsheel Hirji and EFL Animator Juli Rohl join Aman Chahal and EFL Fellow Candice Paton on the For the Sake of Argument podcast

Medium / February 23, 2021: Tech for Tomorrow’s Alberta: ERA’s Technology Roadmap & Future-Fit Hydrocarbons by Bob Savage

Medium / January 29, 2021: What is a Pathway? A conceptual overview of transition pathways by John McNally

Medium / January 15, 2021: Policy Levers and the Energy Transition by Marla Orenstein

CSEG Recorder / January 2021: The Waves of the Past are Lapping the Shores of the Future by Juli Rohl

Changing the Face of Energy Podcast / January 13, 2021: Nagwan Al-Guneid joins the podcast for the Emerging Energy Series: Systems-Thinking Approach


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