The Energy Futures Lab is is an award-winning, multi-stakeholder initiative to accelerate the transition to the energy system that the future requires of us.

Initiated in the Fall of 2013, the Energy Futures Lab is powered by The Natural Step Canada, in collaboration with a number of Convening Partners and Funding Partners. The EFL also involves dozens more organizations in an unprecedented series of innovative partnerships and collaborations.

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Medium / December 11, 2020: Keren Perla and Chad Park on Building a Policy Bridge to Future-Fit Hydrocarbons
Medium / December 11, 2020: Yasmin Abraham and Emma Gammans on Energy Poverty in Alberta
Edmonton Journal / November 18, 2020: Ed Whittingham, Kate Chisholm and Erin Romanchuk on fast-tracking. carbon capture projects in Canada
The Globe and Mail / September 5, 2020: JT Steenkamp and Erin Romanchuk on how the key to a low-carbon economy might be under our noses – and under the ground
Ryan Jespersen Show / September 4, 2020: Alison Cretney on how it’s not if can Alberta succeed in a low-emission future, but how we’ll succeed
CBC News / September 3, 2020: Alison Cretney on how it’s time for Alberta to meet our greatest challenges with our greatest strengths
Global News / August 20th, 2020: Alison Cretney on the EFL’s “Five Big Ideas” for Alberta’s economic recovery
JWN / August 17th, 2020: Emma Gammans on The role of carbon capture, utilization and storage in developing a circular economy
660NEWS / August 9, 2020: Pong Leung on harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning to help Alberta thrive in a low carbon future
CBC / July 21, 2020: Emma May on unwinding Alberta’s complicated history of misogyny
Corporate Knights / July 10, 2020: Liz Lappin and Alison Cretney on How Alberta’s lithium-laced oil fields can fuel the electric vehicle revolution
The Future Economy / July 6, 2020: Alison Cretney on “The Creative Middle Ground: Opening Space for our Energy Future
Medium / June 29, 2020: Alison Cretney and Monica Curtis “Why Energy Efficiency is An Opportunity Alberta Can’t Afford to Pass Up
Corporate Knights / June 1, 2020: Mark Little and Laura Kilcrease on why “Canada’s oil sands are best positioned to lead the energy transformation
Globe and Mail / May 21, 2020: Alison Cretney and Juli Rohl on how Canada’s energy sector needs the same “Team Spirit” ushered in by Covid-19
Future of Good / May 7, 2020: Chad Park on Energy Futures Lab’s best strategies for adapting to the uncertainty of Covid-19
CBC News / May 1, 2020: Tony Seskus on How Alberta could give old oil wells new life — but it has nothing to do with crude
Calgary Herald / April 16, 2020: Marla Orenstein on Old wells, new life and a major economic opportunity
JWN / March 30, 2020: Juli Rohl and Sean Collins on Wells as a solution: Why drilling should lead our economic recovery
Medium / March 26, 2020: Alison Cretney and Chad Park on Five Big Ideas for Alberta’s Economic Recovery
New Energy Economy / March 26, 2020: Energy Futures Lab: A seat for everyone at the table
The Walrus Talk Energy at GLOBE / February 12, 2020: Nagwan Al-Guneid on the EFL’s Energy.AI Initiative

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