Innovation Challenges

We are witnessing a rapid acceleration in the national and global effort to reduce carbon emissions and achieve a net-zero world by 2050.  This has many communities questioning what net-zero and bolder emission reduction commitments means for them. For others, a transition to a net-zero economy suggests opportunities in new markets and sectors. These include electric vehicles, battery metals, biofuels, hydrogen, and carbon capture and storage, amongst others. While these opportunities are big and compelling, they also require support as they emerge as important contributors to Canada’s prosperity. 

The mission of the Energy Futures Lab is to leverage Canada’s assets and innovation capacity to accelerate an inclusive and equitable transition to a prosperous net-zero future. 

To make progress towards our vision and mission, we focus energy and resources on Innovation Challenges that require collaboration and innovation beyond the constraints of single organizations, disciplines, and perspectives.

The Energy Futures Lab currently has four active Innovation Challenges:

Financing the Transition to Future Fit Hydrocarbons

“How can public policy help attract greater investment into the innovation and infrastructure for “future-fit hydrocarbons”, in light of global investors’ increasing concern with climate change and growing appetite for low-emissions/transition oriented opportunities?”

> Learn more about Financing the Transition to Future Fit Hydrocarbons.

Digital Innovation For Communities in Transition

“How might we accelerate collaboration in Alberta’s digital innovation ecosystem to support communities in energy transition?”

> Learn more about Digital Innovation for Communities in Transition.

Rural Community Resilience in a Low Carbon Future

“How can we build near and long-term resilience in Alberta’s rural communities as the world transitions towards a low carbon future?”

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Leveraging Energy Transition to Overcome Barriers for Marginalized Communities

“How can we leverage today’s energy transition to overcome barriers for entrepreneurs who identify as or work in service of marginalized communities to succeed as the Canadian economy recovers?”

> Learn more about Leveraging Energy Transition to Overcome Barriers for Marginalized Communities.

The most promising solutions identified in response to our Innovation Challenges are further developed and supported within the Energy Futures Lab Impact Studio.