Alberta’s Electricity Future


Leading the Charge: A Vision for Alberta’s Electricity Future

Draft v1.0 – Published March 4, 2024

Navigating the complexities of modernizing Alberta’s electricity grid demands collaborative dialogue and innovative thinking. Leading the Charge: A Vision for Alberta’s Electricity Future harnesses diverse perspectives from the initiative’s inclusive engagement model to envision an electricity system that empowers customer choice, ensures reliability, and accelerates decarbonization affordably.

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To thrive in a net-zero world, Alberta needs a grid upgrade.

As Albertans work together to reduce emissions towards our net-zero targets, Alberta’s electricity system is facing a perfect storm of challenges to its reliable, safe, and affordable operation. In order to overcome these complex, deeply interwoven, system-level challenges, it’s clear that our past efforts to tweak the existing system won’t work. To successfully navigate through the storm, the system needs fundamental changes driven by a new approach.

We believe that our future electricity system must put the needs of people, communities and businesses first.


Unlocking The Challenge

Alberta’s electricity system was designed for a different era: not just the resources powering it, or the poles and wires, but the complex system of integrated players, policies and market signals that determine how much energy to produce, where it needs to go, and how much it will cost. Preparing Alberta’s electricity system to meet the needs of the future will require a highly-coordinated approach that includes the perspectives from the many stakeholders and Rights Holders connected to it, and also draws in non-traditional voices from groups that the current system is under-serving or affecting adversely.


Our Approach

By bringing the system together to find alignment through a unified vision of our electricity future, identify key barriers that stand between today’s reality and that vision, and test solutions to remove those barriers, Alberta’s Electricity Future offers a better, more effective, and more equitable way to collaborate around solving these problems.

The Coalition

From governments to industry to consumers, everyone has a role to play in achieving a net-zero future in Alberta.

Participants Co-creating a Collective Vision for Alberta’s Electricity Future

A Phased Process

Coalition Building

Building a coalition of leaders in Alberta’s electricity sector to be the actors for change

Challenge Identification and Scoping

Uncovering barriers to progress and identifying where our collective action can bring about policy, regulation, customer engagement, and technology integration solutions needed to realize the vision

Vision Development

Creating a collective vision for the future of Alberta’s electricity system that will guide actions and focus outcomes

Prototyping Solutions

Implementing prototype solutions in real-world scenarios to embed collaboration, test solutions, iterate, share learnings, and ultimately scale solutions to resolve roadblocks


Interested in learning more or getting involved?

View our Stakeholder Outreach Presentation.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from new participants with interest and/or expertise in fields related to this challenge as outlined above. If you are interested in taking part in our work, please reach out to a member of the Challenge Team:

Maureen Kolla
Lead, Alberta’s Electricity Future

Julie Bunker
Project Coordinator, Alberta’s Electricity Future

Archived Materials


The project concept for Alberta’s Electricity Future was introduced at the EFL Year-End Showcase in November 2022.