Alberta’s Electricity Future


To thrive in a net-zero world, Alberta needs a grid upgrade.

We are building a coalition of leaders in the electricity sector to lead the charge of preparing Alberta’s grid to meet the challenges of the energy transition. With their participation and leadership, we will provide clear pathways forward based on implementable actions toward an aligned vision for Alberta’s net-zero electricity system.


Unlocking The Challenge

In the coming years, we must unlock the abundant, affordable, reliable electricity required to power Alberta’s economy and achieve net-zero. The nature of our province’s competitive and regulated electricity environment means that the various entities within the system have different realities and priorities that drive net-zero investment and action. Figuring out how to prepare Alberta’s electricity system to meet the needs of the future will require a multi-stakeholder approach, and alignment on a unified vision to get the job done as efficiently, economically, and fairly as possible.

From governments to industry to consumers, everyone has a role to play in achieving a net-zero future in Alberta. An aligned electricity sector can be a powerful force for preparing the province to meet the future as a global competitor.

Participating Organizations

  • AltaLink
  • Capital Power
  • CanREA
  • EQUS
  • ATCO
  • Decentralized Energy Canada
  • Alberta Energy Efficiency Alliance
  • Canada West Foundation
  • Alberta Innovates
  • Pembina Institute
  • Transition Accelerator
  • SouthGrow Regional Economic Development

Beyond Collaboration

Productive collaborations don’t just happen. They’re the result of careful thought, design and facilitation. How we frame the problems we want to solve, determine the approach, and invite people to take part benefits from the Energy Futures Lab’s decades of combined experience and expert leadership in sustainability-based social innovation. In short, we enable the processes that unlock the trust, commitment, and good will required to realize results, even in the most challenging circumstances.


We build coalitions that co-create, rather than just make decisions in tandem.

A Phased Process

Coalition Building

Building a coalition of leaders in Alberta’s electricity sector to be the actors for change

Challenge Identification and Scoping

Uncovering barriers to progress and identifying where our collective action can bring about policy, regulation, customer engagement, and technology integration solutions needed to realize the vision

Vision Development

Creating a collective vision for the future of Alberta’s electricity system that will guide actions and focus outcomes

Prototyping Solutions

Implementing prototype solutions in real-world scenarios to embed collaboration, test solutions, iterate, share learnings, and ultimately scale solutions to resolve roadblocks


Interested in learning more or getting involved?

View our Stakeholder Outreach Presentation.

We are currently accepting expressions of interest from new participants with interest and/or expertise in fields related to this challenge as outlined above. If you are interested in taking part in our work, please reach out to a member of the Challenge Team:

Maureen Kolla
Project Co-Lead, Alberta’s Electricity Future

Terri-Lynn Duque
Project Co-Lead, Alberta’s Electricity Future