June 5, 2023

The C-SAF Roadmap

Building a feedstocks-to-fuels SAF supply chain in Canada
C-SAF, Energy Futures Lab, The Transition Accelerator

A first for sustainable aviation fuels in Canada, this roadmap is the result of a collaborative effort between C-SAF, Energy Futures Lab, and Transition Accelerator.

Canada has enormous opportunities in the SAF supply chain: bountiful sustainable feedstock, existing refining capacity, innovative technology providers, and domestic and international airlines seeking to decarbonize. SAF provides an opportunity to strengthen the Canadian economy by building new future proof economic opportunities and decarbonizing the aviation sector while enhancing energy security.

This roadmap charts a pathway and a strategy to produce truly sustainable and affordable SAF in Canada with Canadian feedstock and clean energy, using made-in-Canada solutions that aim to promote Canadian technology.