January 29, 2024

2023 Energy Futures Lab Impact Report

Energy Futures Lab

As the Energy Futures Lab celebrates nine years of work towards establishing a trusted network of energy leaders and bridging their innovative efforts to accelerate Canada’s energy transition, 2023 saw us reach a pivotal moment in our maturation as a social innovation lab and make our biggest adaptation to-date.

The Lab also advanced more than 15 impactful initiatives while navigating this shift in strategy and approach and did so in a way that ensured that, through any changes, we protected and leveraged the Lab’s greatest assets: the network of people invested in our collective work to accelerate the energy transition.

The following snapshot of our 2023 solution portfolio is the culmination of work in the Lab stemming as far back as 5 years, though much of it is built on ideas, concepts and conversations whose origins in the Lab are so deeply interwoven their genesis is hard to pinpoint. What’s clearer is that a great deal of passion, care, and hard work on the part of our Fellows and Ambassadors have fuelled numerous impacts, learnings and results further detailed in the following report.