April 7, 2022

Tracking Progress to the Future

Indicators for identifying and implementing policies to ensure Alberta’s competitiveness and prosperity in a decarbonizing world

Alberta faces the challenge of developing and scaling areas of economic activity that are more competitive in a decarbonizing world. Albertan firms are already exploring opportunities to repurpose assets from the existing hydrocarbon industry to build an economy that supports the well-being of Albertans in a decarbonizing world. Clear, measurable indicators of success make it easier for policymakers to develop, choose, and implement policies that are aligned with shared objectives.

The indicators outlined this briefing note are intended to measure success at the level of either markets for future-fit hydrocarbons or the entire economy, rather than at the level of individual projects. Some of the indicators measure progress towards ultimate objectives, while others measure the presence of what are understood to be catalysts for this progress, such as the development of low-carbon economic activities.