Ankit Mishra

Project Manager, Marketing and Communication
Cycle Capital

Ankit Mishra received a bilingual B.A. (French and English) with honors in mathematics from York University in 2011. He subsequently completed a Masters in International Economic Policy at Sciences Po Paris (2013), specializing in international energy and intelligence studies. Ankit’s early career spanned across the OECD, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, and the Ontario Ministry of Energy, focusing on energy and economic policies in India, Europe, and Canada. 

In 2016, Ankit transitioned into technology, where he worked for various early-stage startups in the Bay Area and was part of the founding teams at both Pngme and Alariss Global, serving as Head of Growth. He is currently a Fellow at Energy Future Labs, Energy Contributor at Forbes and a Project Manager at Cycle Capital, leading the launch of Cycle Central, a climatetech innovation hub in Montreal. Ankit’s publications have appeared across leading media outlets in Canada and the U.S., including Forbes, CBC Canada, BNN Bloomberg, and Techcrunch.

Amidst the challenges of climate change, Canada’s economy has to undergo structural change in order to achieve a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous future. This change provides an opportunity for Canadians to work together and develop equitable solutions that can bring new economic prosperity throughout the country

-Ankit Mishra