Eveline Kolijn

Visual Artist
Eveline Kolijn Studio

Eveline Kolijn resides in Calgary. Growing up in the Caribbean, she has experienced both the beauty and demise of coral reefs. This childhood influenced her development as an artist and interest in the connections between art, science, the environment, and climate change. Eveline received a MA in cultural anthropology from Leiden University in the Netherlands in 1986 and a BFA from the Alberta College of Art+ Design in 2008. She has participated in national and international exhibitions, residencies, and public art projects. She has been published in scientific publications. She is an Ambassador of the Energy Futures Lab. In 2019, she received the AUArts Alumni Legacy Award. She is using the arts and her Ambassador experience to promote energy literacy, environmental awareness, and discussion on energy transition. She edited a book, Reimagining Fire, and published the fine-art Energy Futures portfolio in 2023.  Both are a collaboration between 50 printmakers, writers and energy experts.