Julie Bunker

Lead Consultant / Project Coordinator and Animator
Bunker Consulting / EFL Digital Innovation Team

Julie is a connector and collaborator working towards a sustainable, equitable, and resilient energy transition. She has over 10 years of experience with innovative and complex projects in the sustainability and energy sector, working with a diverse range of initiatives and players across Canada. Through her work with Stantec’s Power group and then as the Lead for Western Services for QUEST Canada, she built an understanding of the interconnectedness of energy systems – from customers and communities through to the system operator and regulatory bodies. Julie has led or been part of a number of equity initiatives, and she recently became a Board Member for a women-led startup focused on communities and equity in our energy transition. Julie was an EFL Fellow for 3 years before becoming an Ambassador. Currently, she is working as an Independent Contractor for the EFL in a Project Coordinator and Animator role for the Energy.AI initiative. The work looks to mobilize the ecosystem of stakeholders to accelerate collaboration in Alberta’s digital innovation ecosystem to support communities in energy transition.