Julie Bunker

Project Coordinator, Alberta's Electricity Future
Energy Futures Lab

Julie is a connector, collaborator, and coordinator working towards a sustainable, equitable, and resilient energy future. She has over 15 years of experience with innovative and complex projects in the sustainability and energy sector, working with a diverse range of players across Canada ranging from communities, utilities, system operators, regulators, technology providers, manufacturers, and renewable energy developers. Her work has included community resilience, digital innovation, smart grid and distributed energy resource adoption, renewables integration, and regulatory assessment, all while bringing various voices to the table in a collaborative way. Through her work she has built an understanding of the interconnectedness of energy systems.

Today, Julie is providing coordination support to the Alberta’s Electricity Future Team with the Energy Futures Lab, where she had been a Fellow with the lab for 3 years. Previously she supported the EFL’s Digital Innovation Team. She is also the Chair of the Board of Directors for a women-led start-up focused on innovative ways to create an equitable, regenerative, and democratic energy system.

Julie is also a Mom of two small humans, and a black lab, who are a harder team to manage, but the most fun. Julie and her family love camping in the mountains near their city of Calgary, planting a large vegetable garden, and heading home to the east coast every summer.