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Lynda Beach

Global Discipline Head, Environment and Carbon

Lynda Beach embarked on her career journey 28 years ago in pursuit of interesting work, professional challenge and a meaningful career.  Lynda graduated in 1996 from the University of Calgary with a degree in Chemical Engineering. 

After working as a facilities engineer in gas processing for 4 years, she became convinced that she needed to direct her career toward using her Engineering degree to improve Environmental performance.  In 2001 she completed an M. Sc. In Clean Technology out of the Chemical Engineering department at the University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne in England.  She worked in northeast England for 4 years as an environmental consultant for the food industry, local municipality, brick making and chemical plants.

In 2006, Lynda moved back to Calgary and started working for Shell Canada.  Inside Shell she’s worked as a Risk Advisor, Technical Safety Engineer, Non-Technical Risk Integrator, Business Advisor, Environment Manager and currently as the Global Discipline Head for Environment and Carbon.  Lynda both has a personal and professional passion for responsible business and believes that there has never been a better time to be an Environment professional.  

Along the way, she met her husband and together they have 2 teenage girls, and lots of fun!