Olivia Reshetylo

Governance and Social Impact Advisor
Modern West Advisory

Olivia is the Governance and Social Impact Advisor at Modern West Advisory where she works alongside organizations to help them integrate sustainability and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) principles into their day-to-day operations. She is particularly inspired by the opportunity to bridge the gap between various perspectives about the energy transition to help propel companies forward on their path toward a decarbonized energy future. Prior to joining Modern West, Olivia was Student Energy’s Senior Director of Programs, where she spent nearly eight years with the organization. Olivia pioneered Student Energy’s Program Ecosystem to identify skills and fill knowledge gaps in youth looking to pursue careers in the energy industry. She helped the organization expand, growing from a team of two to over forty employees worldwide. Olivia was an active Fellow from 2019 – to 2021, where she worked with the team to create more intergenerational collaboration and meaningful youth inclusion within the Lab and its initiatives. When she is not at her desk, Olivia is out in the field working on the regenerative farm she and her partner co-founded in 2021 to help build a more resilient local food ecosystem.