Rochelle Longval

Vice President of Geothermal
Blue Spark Energy

Rochelle is sparking innovative change. She is a Professional Geoscientist that demonstrates an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit pushing for sustainable solutions that harness the Earth’s heat. Rochelle progressed her career in the energy sector gaining strong technical foundations discovering target zones and now optimizing existing ones within the geothermal sector. As the Vice President of Geothermal at Blue Spark Energy, Rochelle increases the lifecycle of geothermal wells through an innovative scale removal technology. She has been recognized as an emerging leader “Changing the Face of Energy” as a recipient of the Young Women in Energy Award. Rochelle is an Ambassador with Energy Futures Lab with a focus on intergenerational collaboration and discovering synergies with the emerging energy space. Recently acknowledged by APEGA for her integrity, expertise and outstanding accomplishments, she has been awarded the 2023 Early Accomplishment Award.

By providing sustainable solutions we can remove the barriers that cause energy poverty and food insecurity, allowing rural communities to become more resilient.

-Rochelle Longval