Rochelle Longval

Vice President of Exploration
Novus Earth

Rochelle is a Professional Geoscientist that demonstrates an enthusiastic entrepreneurial spirit pushing for innovative solutions to harness the Earth’s heat. Upon relocating to a rural village, she gained a firsthand perspective on the importance of accessible energy, driving her career transition. Rochelle progressed her career in the energy sector gaining strong technical foundations working with the Geological Survey of Canada, Daylight Energy, Devon Energy and Cenovus Energy, discovering new target zones and now optimizing existing ones for renewable energy to meet Canada’s net-zero emissions target. Her passion for unlocking renewable resources at Novus Earth provides communities with sustainable energy, local job creation and promotes efficient local food production in rural communities. She has been recognized as an emerging leader “Changing the Face of Energy” as a recipient of the Young Women in Energy Award.

A participant in Canada’s first CarbonTech Accelerator with Avatar Innovations, Rochelle has delved into the start-up ecosystem discovering synergies with geothermal and carbon capture and storage technologies. As a former Fellow with Energy Futures Lab, Rochelle had the opportunity to engage with youth in the energy transition and promote intergenerational collaboration through the Youth Innovation Jam. She continues to explore opportunities to help forge pathways for community resilience and energy innovation.

By providing sustainable solutions we can remove the barriers that cause energy poverty and food insecurity, allowing rural communities to become more resilient.

-Rochelle Longval