Wendy Ell

President / National Lead, Integrated Media, Industry Relations and Sustainability
Industries in Transition Connection Consulting / Glacier Media

Wendy has worked for over 3 decades with some of Cda’s most respected media & communications firms, Wendy has worked closely with individuals and organizations working up and down most of our nation’s most prized business sectors, leading and launching hundreds of consumer marketing, B2B and cause marketing programs. Her work in energy and agriculture has impacted special interest groups in Alberta, nationally and internationally. In the course of her work, she has orchestrated dozens of live and digital events, workshops, ad and PR campaigns, special reports, and webinars – all serving the needs of a wide array of special interest groups that in many cases have differing motivations, agendas and viewpoints.

She currently sits as National Lead of Integrated Media, Industry Relations and Sustainability with Glacier Media while also acting as President for a busy marketing consultancy called Industries in Transition. Her organization’s reason for being is to help manage the evolution of change, tap into the “unsaid” and recognize when certain preconceived beliefs misguide either what’s best for the individual or what’s best for their environment. She has a unique combination of skills with the right blend of communications, partnership brokering and relationship management prowess. Her work in issues management allows her to go deep into the complexities that lie around our nation’s ability to transition to a more reliable, sustainable, secure, robust, and prosperous society; all the while ensuring we remain culturally aware, respectful and empathetic.

She is called on regularly for advice, stakeholder relations & comm’s support to corporate groups, regional consortiums, tech innovators, NGOs and ENGOs for the expressed purpose of optimizing end to end ESG considerations, cross sector connections, information sharing and new business development. She is a well-connected innovation ecosystem navigator who is part storyteller, fundraiser, change agent, and systems thinker. Her communications work serves to help governments, associations, corporations, and their supply chains first identify the challenges that are holding them back from meeting the growing needs of the communities they serve. The challenges often include a combination of misalignments in perceived safety, cultural understanding and/or confusion around the benefits of economic prosperity. These challenges manifest into the system generating polarization, fear, threat, and instability. She works to infuse innovators with researchers, students with scientists, indigenous with non-indigenous, educators with industries and all those with a mandate to offer a product or service (or message) to a distinct set of special interest groups.

Wendy believes that healthy communication, mutual understanding and purposeful storytelling are a wondrous means to guide our nation’s movement towards such things as greener buildings, more sustainable food production and cleaner fuels, however she believes that we cannot sustainably advance as a society if we don’t first address the impacts of mental health, the virtues of diversity, equity and inclusion and the responsible use of the technologies that underpin such change.