Senior Advisor, Government Relations

Ariane Bourassa is a public policy professional, working with Pomerleau, a Canadian leader in the construction industry. Her work is focused on ensuring governments recognize and enable the opportunities for a sustainably built future and fully harness the potential contribution of this industry to a low carbon future. Ariane believes that environmental leadership and economic growth are both possible with careful planning and thoughtful dialogue between stakeholders.

Prior to this, Ariane evolved in the government relations space for the energy sector, seeking common understanding of the economic and technical challenges of policy change on the path to a sustainable future – one of the toughest public policy challenges of our time. She also spent ten years working as an environment professional in the oil and gas sector, overseeing the development and implementation of programs to ensure environmentally sound development, from project design to asset retirement. Ariane is happiest where she feels her work contributes to the solution.

Ariane holds a Master in Environmental Sciences from Université du Québec a Montréal as well as a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and International Law.


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