Head of Sustainability and Environment

Cailee Ellis joins the Energy Futures Lab as an industry representative from Lafarge Canada Inc. where she holds the position of Head of Sustainability & Environment, Western Canada. Cailee brings 16 years of diverse experience across government and private enterprise to CRAZ. Over the past 6 years Cailee has held a variety of Director appointments in Government agency, leading strategic organizational initiatives related to governance, innovation / clean technology and climate. Prior to this, Cailee developed extensive experience in operations and regulatory/environmental affairs working in consulting, and with upstream and midstream oil and gas companies.

Cailee holds a M.Sc. in Environmental Practice, MBA in Executive Management, and an Engineering Technology Diploma in Water Resources. Passionate about sustainability in all areas of her life, Cailee currently serves as a Board Director and Vice Chair in the non-profit sector with Fig Tree Foundation, an organization focused on catalyzing sustainable international development.


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