Director of Development, NextEra Energy Canada

David Lawlor currently serves as Director of Development for NextEra Energy Canada. He is former Director of Environmental Affairs at ENMAX Corporation and since joining ENMAX in 2002, worked in various capacities in environmental and sustainability management. He has obtained environmental approval for two windfarms, three natural gas fired facilities and numerous transmission and distribution facilities. He established ENMAX’s Corporate Responsibility reporting and has chaired various environmental and energy related groups and committees.

David holds a Bachelors degree from the University of Saskatchewan and Masters of Environmental Studies (MES) from Dalhousie University.



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The future is going to require us to be extremely more efficient than we are at present, not only in terms of energy production, distribution and use, but in how we use all our resources. We’ll need a much more integrated approach.

David Lawlor

Our energy system is at a crossroads, and we need to look at it from a lot of different lenses if we want to make good sense of it and develop good solutions.

David Lawlor