Sr. Director, Net-Zero Strategy

Matt found his way into the energy system through a pair of skis. After dropping out of engineering school for a ski bum’s #vanlife before hashtags were even a thing, he became increasingly aware of how our understanding and consumption of energy and resources were defining the human relationship with the economy and environment. After emigrating to Canada to finish university, he has built a career integrating sustainability, design thinking and cross-sectoral innovation into business decisions. As a director at the Delphi Group he advises many of Canada’s largest companies on sustainability and climate-related issues, with a particular focus on the intersection of energy, technology, land and food systems. He previously led sustainability efforts at Imaginea Energy and Husky Energy. Prior to that he managed net-zero energy, green construction and tourism industry projects for various clients in the US and Canada. He lives in Cochrane with his wife and three young kids, who remind him daily of the need to be purposeful in our approach to enhancing Alberta’s Energy System.

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Working on the energy problem is really about legacy. Energy, its availability and its reliability are what allowed us to attain the quality of life we can be grateful for today.

Matt Beck

Robust energy systems should be like the internet. They need to be hybrids of everything, massively interconnected and networked in a way that they’re extremely resilient. I don’t see any one technology dominating the future energy system.

Matt Beck