Technical Leader

Michael shapes the CER’s technical work and strategic direction on environmental and socio-economic assessments, alternative dispute resolution, and engagement with the public and Indigenous peoples. He supports the CER’s vision to be active and effective in Canada’s pursuit of a sustainable energy future. His professional career concentrates on applying critical and system thinking approaches to solve sustainability challenges. He has experience working with diverse stakeholder groups and applying the principles of sustainable development to the energy system and community-based projects across Canada and around the world.


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People have expectations about what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, and these expectations change over time. As a result, the energy sector has to monitor and respond to these changing expectations and continually improve their economic, social and environmental performance.

Michael Benson

Meaningful dialogue and public discussion are indispensable to guide human progress. Currently, there is a bit of a disconnect between the expectations of different actors in the energy sector. I think there needs to be more collaboration to build a vision and development pathways that incorporate these different expectations.

Michael Benson